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samauri. twentysomething. spain.
university student. language lover.
easily amused. telly addict. fangirl.
cinephile. music lover. bookworm.
talkative. hopeless singer. drama.
It'll never work It's never that easy. Never will be.

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When I grow up I wanna be...:

Claudia Black can do everything. She has a stern look, so at first you have no idea how much she can act, until she does and blows your mind. She cries, she's silly, she's desperate, she's quiet, she yells, she's badass, she angsts prettily. I love her. I love every moment she's on-screen.~~by [profile] girlcontinuum~~

"Al principio pensaba hacer un icono para cada foto, pero me niego a hacer de los años...esos turbios de culebrones australianos. I want to enjoy the prettiness."~~by [personal profile] dasku~~

"Redecora tu journal. Samauri: no busques, encuentra"~~by [profile] agentescully~~

"Premio a los mejores magreos montañisticos"~~by [profile] aredhel4~~

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By [personal profile] dasku

By [personal profile] dasku

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30 rock, aeryn sun, alias, amanda tapping, amber benson, apapada de lee, audiocomentarios-de-ben-y-claudia, audrey hepburn, bandas sonoras, barbra streisand, barney, battlestar galactica, ben & jerry's, ben browder, ben/claudia, brian al sol, brian kinney, brian talking spanish, burrumbismo, cameron mitchell, canada, cary grant, catherine bell, celine dion, chantal kreviazuk, cine, classic movies, claudia black, colin firth, country music, couples who share weapons, csi, damien rice, dana scully, david james elliott, david kemper, dean winchester, deborah kerr, dianne pilkington, dick casablancas' t-shirts, disney, doctor who, doctor/rose, dunder mifflin: the musical, dvds, egypt, emma thompson, english, ewan mcgregor, faith hill, fanfiction, farscape, felicity huffman, firefly, forbidden planet, friday night lights, friends, gale harold, gillian anderson, gilmore girls, giving-fake-names-at-starbucks, hardcore heavy punki, harry potter, heroes, himym, house, hugh laurie, ice-cream, icons, idina menzel, indiana jones, irina derevko, irina/jack, jack o'neill, jag, jane austen, jason dohring, jensen ackles, jim halpert, jim/pam, jodie foster, joe flanigan, john crichton, john/aeryn, julianne moore, kate winslet, katharine hepburn, kerry ellis, kristen bell, kristin chenoweth, languages, las nenas del yahoo, lauren graham, leann rimes, lena olin, logan/veronica, london, macgyver, magreos montañísticos, mal reynolds, maple syrup, marcia cross, matt/julie, michael vartan, mini!jack, mr&mrscoach doingit inablanket withcowslooking, muffins, music, music vids, musicals, nicole kidman, novels, oliver tompsett, pride & prejudice, pride and prejudice, queer as folk, remington steele, richard dean anderson, robert redford, ron/hermione, rose tyler, rupe-pensativo-sujetando-un-boli, sam and jack, samantha carter, sci-fi, sex and the city, skins, sports night, star wars, stargate, stargate sg-1, sugus de piña, supernatural, the office, the sound of music, theatre, toronto, toulouse, travel, vala mal doran, vancouver, veronica mars, wicked, william goldman, x-files
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